Original Series

Our beautifull Original Series with the widest range of available cities.

Custom Art

Order a city of your choice custom made for you. All materials and wood combinations are possible. We'll work together to create something magical.

Exclusive Series

Our most exlusive items featuring new styles and wood types.

Featured cities of the XL Series

Hardwood map of Amsterdam. XL Series Maplab. Size: 475*325mm made of Sycamore and Oak. front

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Style: ”Light Forest”

Hardwood map XL Series Maplab. Size: 320*470mm made of Sycamore and Walnut.

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Style: ”woodland”

Hardwood map of Leiden. XL Series Maplab. Size: 340*340mm made of Sycamore and Oak.

Leiden, The Netherlands

Style: ”Light Forest”

Hardwood map of Haarlem. XL Series Maplab. Size: 325*325mm made of Sycamore and Walnut.

Haarlem, The Netherlands

Style: ”Woodland”

Featured cities of the Original Series


Paris, France

Original Series, “Classic Topographic”
Paris is particular suited for our ‘Classic Topographic’ look.


Tokyo, Japan

Exclusive Series, “Winter Blossom”
Made of Sycamore, Walnut, Cherry and Smoked Oak


London, United Kingdom

Original Series: ”Scandinavian”
The Twists and turns of the Thames and Alleyways at their best.


Delft, The Netherlands

Original Series, “Scandinavian”
The city we call home.