The historic center of Delft, Neighbourhood Series

449.00 Inc. Tax

The Historic Center of Delft, from the ‘Prinsenhof’ to the ‘Niewe Kerk’. Admire your own house or company in this marvelous city.

  • Made out of the finest sycamore, walnut, birch and heavy embossed paper.
  • Incredible details in roads, parks, land and waterways by precision design and engineering.
  • High quality NIELSEN frame in black or oak, made in Germany.
  • Includes museum glass, which is anti reflective and provides extra UV protection.
  • Information plate on the back of the frame indicating: used wood species, scale details and a space for a custom engraved message.
  • A wall mount to easily and securely hang your map art.
  • Every tree has a unique wood pattern so your piece will be one of a kind.

Please select your desired frame colour.

Would you like to customize your MAPLAB map by engraving the back of the frame with a personal message? It comes included with the price of your art piece

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Dimensions N/A
Color of the Frame

Black, Oak

Size of the work

475×325mm, 625×425 mm


This work is made of sustainable sourced hardwood, paper and glass.