Original Series

Our original series has two beautiful wood combinations for you to select. With a growing range of available cities we are confident you will find something to your liking. In case you like to have multiple cities displayed next to one another as you see here, we have special series packages available.

Personalize your gift

By a custom engraving on the back of the frame

The Original Series

Two wood combinations to fit your taste

A beautifull combination of Ash and Oak, a great choice for people who love a natural wood look. The lush green parks and jade waters make it a feast for your eyes.

Sample size: medium (220 mm)


Ash and Oak

The Silky Sycamore Maple and the shimmering red Sapeli Mahogany provide an attractive contrast. It reminded us of old topographic maps with red urban areas. A great choice for people who like a more delicate look.

Sample size: medium (220 mm)

Classic Topographic

Maple and Mahogany

Comes in Four sizes

For on your wall to your side table


Currently we have 4 sizes available in our original series. Not all cities are available in every size due to their topographic size.


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Get a crystal clear view

Upgrade the glass to museum glass


Left museum glass, right normal glass.


For the small to Large sizes you can choose to upgrade the glass to museum glass. This premium glass is anti-reflective and is almost invisible. On top of this the 70% UV filter will protect your art against fading and discoloration. The same glass is used by the top museums in the world such as The Louvre in Paris and The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

For The Large Panorama and all our exclusive series the museum glass is included.


A great gift

All sizes arrive in a premium black gift box


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The Small and Medium variant arrive in the box presented on the left and middle. The Large and Large Panorama in the model on the right.

Choose your frame

Black or Oak

4 in a row, black and oak frame

All frames are made in Scandinavia


Product comparison

This is our original product line, the full comparison is given in the following table:

Wall mount
Inscription at the back
Type of packaging
Size of packaging
Original Series Small

169*169 mm
Standard Glas, Museum glas option
Black Giftbox
200*200*40 mm
Original Series Medium

219*219 mm
Standard Glas, Museum glas option
Black Giftbox
270*270*40 mm
Original Series Large

269*269 mm
Standard Glas, Museum glas option
Premium Black Giftbox with magnetic closure
430*310*50 mm
Large Panorama

269*399 mm
No, only wall mountable
Museum glas included
Premium Giftbox with magnetic closure
430*310*50 mm