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1. Define your wishes using the online questionnaire

Your connection to a city or place is what matters most. By working on a custom piece with the right cut, wood style and size, we’ll ensure it will reflect this connection in the best possible way.

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2. Proposal

Within 3 business days we will send you a proposal including a mock-up, a delivery time and the final price. You can review it and can request changes to the scale and composition.

Baseline prices for a custom made artwork in the extra large series:
32*32cm: 299 + 30 to 50 euro customization
32*47cm: 399 + 30 to 50 euro customization
42*42cm: 499 + 40 to 60 euro customization
42*62cm: 699 + 50 to 70 euro customization

3. Creation of your piece

We will finalize the design and confirm the delivery date. We will now create your art using the hardwood, composition and frame of your choice. When it is finished you can pick it up in Delft or we will send it to your home or company address.


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