Your custom made MAPLAB Neighbourhood Series

In 5 steps to your artwork


1. Define your wishes using the short questionnaire below

2. Receive a mock up / model and quotation in 3 Business days

Baseline prices for a custom made artwork in the neighbourhood series:
32*32cm: 349 euro
32*47cm: 449 euro
42*42cm: 579 euro
42*62cm: 849 euro
52*52cm: 899 euro
52*72cm: 1249  euro

Customization is 50 to 150 euro depending on the size of the work and the complexity.

3. Opportunity for revision
4. Your approval of the design
5. Creation of your piece

We will finalize the design and confirm the delivery date. We will now create your art using the hardwood, composition and frame of your choice. When it is finished you can pick it up in Delft or we will send it to your home or company address.

Hardwood map of The Historic Center of Leiden, Neighbourhood Series Maplab. Size: 425*425mm made of Sycamore, Oak and Birch. side

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