At MAPLAB, we have combined our passion for the look of natural wood, topography and urbanism. To make bespoke hardwood art.

We have combined our knowledge of wood species and precision manufacturing to reach sub-millimeter 3D details in our artwork. It is this richness in details which sets us apart. The bicycle paths and walkways are less than a millimeter wide enabling an entire city to fit in your artwork. The layered structure of the map enables us to capture local lakes, forests, neighborhoods and road networks. We are very proud of the level of workmanship we have achieved  and deliver you the most intricate layered natural wood map art in the world.

Hardwood map of The Historic Center of Leiden, Neighbourhood Series Maplab. Size: 425*425mm made of Sycamore, Oak and Birch. close-up2
Hardwood map art of central Hamburg. Neighbourhood Series Maplab. Size: 725*525mm made of Sycamore, Walnut and Birch. close-up2

Design and Manufacturing

Every map at MAPLAB is made with considerable dedication. Design choices like scale, areas, road width and wood combination are made to get to the best looking results.

Our manufacturing process is enabled by our growing knowledge of wood types and precision cutting methods. In the near future a special page will be available where all the tree species we use can be found.

Trees for future generations

Running a sustainable business is very important to us, that is why we have decided to help reforestation and partner up with Tree Nation.

Tree Nation manages world wide reforestation projects and for every purchase we finance a young tree to be planted. These young trees will produce seeds and nature will be able to take over the process once again.

As our customer you will receive an email after purchase and have the opportunity to plant the tree(s) in your name in our online forest. This Forest symbolizes the trees which are planted ans is part of a community where planters, companies and you our client, can meet. You are most welcome to visit our page on Tree-Nation and leave comments or soon visit your own tree.

Tree Nation Logo

Oak tree MAPLAB

The Team

MAPLAB is a company which is founded and run by Nick Verwaal. It is based on the idea to combine the love for natural wood and maps to create the most intricate and simply magical looking Art. Principles of Urbanism, architecture and cartography are used

Nick holds a MSc. in Mechanical Engineering and has previously worked in the fields of Shipbuilding, process optimization and Data Science. Life and passion took the lead and MAPLAB was established on the first of September 2021.