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At MAPLAB we love the look and feel of natural wood and combine it with our passion for cartography. We hand select the finest natural hardwood in the world and use modern data and precision manufacturing to turn them into jaw dropping art. Why would you choose for an artwork of MAPLAB?

  • Unrivalled level of detail, due to our in-house integrated cutting technology
  • Unique natural colours and textures
  • Made from hand selected and sustainably grown hardwood and parchment

On the right: ‘The Vondelpark in Amsterdam’ as part of our Neighbourhood Series (420mm*620mm).


The Vondelpark Amsterdam

MAPLAB’s Story

From a drawing to 3D

My name is Nick Verwaal, the founder of MAPLAB.

The story behind MAPLAB started in 2020 when I was experimenting with hardwood as a design material, combining fabrication technologies with my interest in cartography. My goal was to make these maps out of hardwood as delicate and detailed as if they were drawn on paper. However adding a 3D touch and integrating the wonderful look of wood and heavy parchment.

This journey led to the integration of my own machines to cut the designs using both CNC technology and the developments in laser diode technology. My customers love the three dimensional detail, the addition of greenery and the ability to recognize their streets and favorite places in an item made out of hardwood.

Now we are on a journey to create bespoke map art which sparks curiosity, brings a sense of belonging and is simply spectacular in any space. We believe strongly in sustainable business and therefore plant a tree for any map purchased.

I’m looking forward to create a truly magnificent design for your home, office or as a unique gift.

Nick Verwaal,

Map art, Original series, Maplab, Leiden and Copenhagen
Map art, Original series, Maplab, Leiden and Copenhagen
Hardwood map of Central Amsterdam and the canal ring. Neighbourhood Series Maplab. Size: 625*425mm made of Sycamore, Oak and Birch. Close-up
XL Series Amsterdam map in room

Extra Large Series

Spectacular overview of a whole city

Hardwood city art featuring parks, waterways and an intricate road network. Suitable for in the living room, bedroom or in your Café.

  • Size up to 640*440 mm
  • Choose a Black or an Oak frame
  • Made in the Netherlands

Neighbourhood Series

A wonderful 3D art abstraction of your local area.


With this series we move into the local street level. Buildings, homes and very small local details as ponds can be found in these works. They feature a 5 layer design and have a great field of depth.

– Size up to 640*440mm
– Choose a Black or Oak frame
– Available in 2 wood styles

 Size shown in the image on the right: 440*640 mm Amsterdam, The Canal Belt, Burgwallen and Jordaan.

Examples of the original series of MAPLAB

Original Series

Compact but magnificently detailed

Our original series has two beautiful wood combinations for you to select. They are a great fit for your desk or cabinet. With a growing range of available cities we are confident you will find something to your liking.

  • Size up to 270*380 mm
  • Choose a Black or an Oak frame
  • Made in the Netherlands


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Lille map from maplab in front of desk

Fits every home

 Find the best wood and colour combination for your interior.

Wood species used by Maplab

The finest hardwood

We hand select every piece of hardwood we use in our work.

Wood checking and finish Maplab

Dedication to detail

Our art is designed, finished and assembled by hand.

Oak leaves

Made by and for nature

Every purchase you make plants a tree in a reforestation area.

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Large map of Hamburg

Today we received our map of Hamburg. Such  a beautifully detailed map of a city of which we have many fond memories. We can endlessly gaze at it and every walk and place resurfaces.
Thank you for the quick delivery and quality. If you order a map our tip: take a black frame and the museum glass. We might order another one in the future.
Remco Harms

Large Custom map of Delft and Nootdorp
We are very pleased with the wooden topographic map of the green area that borders Delft and Nootdorp where we live and where we spent so many times walking, cycling and horse riding. We can even find the horse riding tracks in the Delftse Hout on this map. The map is beautifully made with obvious craftsmanship, the museumglass is invisible!.

Peter Verhoef